Magic: The Gathering Quiz

This Magic quiz is brought to you by GoatBots. Become a better player and drafter by improving your Magic card knowledge!

How to win?

You beat a cardset by reaching a score of 50 points, which will unlock the mythic trophy for that set. Formats do not have a maximum score, you can play them indefinitely for the leaderboard. Log in to save your trophies and scores.

How to lose?

Answering a question incorrectly will end the game, unless you have an extra life. Extra lives are shown at the top left. Every ten questions, when an extra card is added to the quiz, you gain an extra life. Answering a bonus question incorrectly is no big deal: you simply won't receive the reward.

What is a bonus question?

A bonus question always refers to the flavor text of a card. If you answer a bonus question correctly you earn a reward: a Mox Pearl, Sapphire, Jet, Ruby, Emerald or Diamond. Each with its own unique effect when used. You can use a Mox to help you with a difficult question by clicking the Mox icon at the top right.

How to pause the quiz?

You can click on the timer to pause the quiz after the current question. Pausing has multiple uses: you can share an interesting question with your friends, or you can use it to reveal all cards.

How to contact you?

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, you can contact us via the contact form on the GoatBots website.